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Описание: Chasi_6 As a child in the house of my grandparents, I loved to look at the wall cuckoo clock. Cuckoo, of course, is a thing of separate beauty, but somehow I most interested in the case where the clock's weight was moved down close to the floor and therefore the clock was almost stopped. I immediately reported this to my grandfather. My grandfather went to clock and "returned it to life". With one hand he gently lifted a weight, while the other hand was pulling at the opposite end of chain. As a result, was heard a slight hissing sound of crisp ratchet and weight solidified in the upper position, but opposed end of the chain moved down. After this the clock well continued his usual daily work.

Why this "clock subject" I describe so in details? Yes, because, as shown by my observation, every person - is also a "cuckoo clock". While "our weight is situated high", we are merely living in this world and perform everything that we are supposed to perform in our life. When "our weight" has fallen enough low, we begin take stock of our life and prepare for death. Immediately, I note that there is no specific age when "it is time to prepare for death". For every person such a moment - especially individual event. Everyone usually feels inside himself "how high is situated his weight", ie how much time he has left "to wander through the world".

A friend of mine once said: "The energy of my battery is ended. I'll go to sleep..." Now I finally realized that his words were very close to the truth: while the amount of energy in man is high, it can "move mountains". If in the person the internal amount of energy is close to end, he must go to eat or to sleep. Better: firstly to eat, secondly to sleep. If a person has a "global energy crisis" if he has no appetite, has no any curiosity about life, then he just lies down and dies.


Readers, experienced in reading my articles, I think, understand that I'm not "old man on the bench," which just suddenly wanted to philosophize and to complain about the future. If I had brought here some "lengthy discourses" on the domestic theme, then, rest assured, they are very essential to me for some "very serious matter". Here and now...


In my article "Tensegrity

 - it's potency

" I was talking about the ball, which can be in a state of unstable, stable and neutral equilibrium. Assume that we have the ball, which is in a state of stable equilibrium. What does this mean? This means that the ball is in the "energy pit" and for any our expectations he is "simply impotent". Useful work can make only such ball, which was charged with energy, which is located "somewhere high" (think, for example, a weight of clock).

If we have the crossbow at home and it's string isn't strong stretched - it is not dangerous. When we decided to pull the string the crossbow and to charge it, then it becomes very dangerous. He already can do some work, precisely because he, as a tensegrity system, is in a state with a very high level of internal energy.

Those people who are familiar with laser technology, are well aware that in order to "get a benefit" from any laser, they first must "pump the energy" into laser, ie, must supply the external energy to the atoms working body of laser for moving electrons to higher energy orbits. Only such "charged" electrons are able to give us the effect which this laser is designed to. After the release of earlier pumped energy the electrons will descend to lower orbits. And their excess of energy is radiated into space.

And now about AIDS. As I wrote earlier, at the case of the AIDS T-helpers (the defenders of the body from infections input) are connected in pairs. In this case a pair of T-helper cells do not respond to the input of any infection and doesn't protect the human body from them. What we must do to break "this outrage"? Naturally, it is necessary to separate T-helpers from the paired T-helper cells. Physically, we can divide only a pair of fighting kids or a pair of fighting cocks. But how we can divide the pair of T-helper cells? It appears, separating T-helper cells is also not difficult. Let's add the energy into human body, and T-helpers will separate themselves from the paired T-helper cells. In power terms, this is equivalent to lifting weights for cuckoo clocks or transfer of electrons from the working body of the laser to higher energy orbits. Such an energy-charged T-helpers will "move down to the input infections" not under the pressure of our wishes, but simply because, in the sense of energy such T-helper's joining with some "dangerous particles" provides them more sustainable energy structure ("energy pit"). While such process of merging is occured, certainly, "quant of energy" is always radiated into space. Why I took the quotes in the quantum of energy? Yes, simply because in the our serious conversation about the molecules and larger particles, we should speak not of "quant", but about more significant portion of energy. Quant - this amount of energy is suitable for microcosm. For macrocosm the portions of energy, with which it operates, are usually more significant.

After such detailed analysis, I hope many, it became clear why for AIDS (or for other diseases of "Chain Reaction-type"), we need such "energy pumping" of the organism with some external energy (eg, energy of electromagnetic field).

Many "scholars" still believe that hyperthermia "destroy", "kill" disease-causing particle. Wake up! Greatly beloved, understand a little deeper! Think about why after hyperthermia man can just "get up and go to work" without any rehabilitation. But precisely because, that hyperthermia does not kill anyone. She from the paired T-helper cells extracts separated T-helpers and returns them "for the service of health".

At this article I simply and effectively "sort through" the ESSENCE of my approach to the treatment of AIDS and all other diseases of "Chain Reaction-type". Why I can do it? I could do it only because I previously found some other main information. This is the main thing concluded in my world harmony law and in the followed him decoding schemes of the human immune defense program working and of human immunodeficiency virus working.

Nobody in the world did it before me.


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